10 Free Driver Updater Tools

driver update tool

Having an excellent quality driver update tool keeps your drivers safe and updated automatically. You don’t need to spend time in scrambling the search engine for relevant drivers now and then. The best Updater tool is the one which has maximum functionality and features. It often confuses people by selecting the best driver updater as an installation of wrong or outdated driver can pose a lot of risk to your computer software.

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One of the essential elements of functional driver software is the database source. The most extensive database automatically indicates better functionality of the driver for your computer. Scanning engine is another essential tool for detecting damaged and outdated driver and the computer. A good driver updater will be able to initiate a powerful scanning to give outstanding results.

The program should be entirely compatible with your Windows system after it has been installed. Any program that is unstable can stimulate unexpected problems by creating a blue screen or not working pop up on your computer.

So let’s begin with the list of 10 Best Free Drive Updater Tool –

1) Driver Booster 

Users can get it for free and perhaps one of the best driver updater program that is absolutely compatible with a maximum of the window versions. It automatically Encounters the outdated drivers and initiates updates at the right time. Before updating the driver, you can compare between the new updated version and the old version of a driver. So that you can understand what you want from the updated driver.

It can easily fix dll issues. For more information, you can refer WikiDll.

2) Free driver scout

The fantastic driver updater initiates scanning for the required updates and automatically install and download them without seeking any permission or special input from your end. Also known as OS migration tool, free driver scout can be customized according to your requirements. The most important feature of Free driver scout is that it lets you back up your drivers and restore in future if you want so that no document will be lost.

3) Driver pack solution 

Driver Pack Solution is convenient to use driver updater with most user-friendly and functional one. It packs auto installation and bulk downloads features. But you need to set it from “settings” when you first time use it. The driver updater tool comes with basic instructions that make it easier to download the recommended programs. It supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

4) Snappy driver installer

Resembling Driver pack software described above, this particular tool is super easy to use with no need of installation. Just club an external hard drive to transport the relevant drivers on your computer. Also, it comes with zero advertisements and unlimited download speed so that you enjoy the latest versions of drivers without any fail.

5) Drivermax

The cost-free Windows program does a task of updating all drivers by correctly identify them. It also bestows the backup drivers and identifies unknown hardware. With a capability of downloading 10 drivers for a month, DriverMax is a tool that has received a considerable rating by the users.

6) Drivers cloud 

When you need a driver with complete information after replacing the currently installed driver, driver cloud is the best choice for you. It supports Windows 10 8 7 XP, Vista and 2000 version. It was earlier known as a Ma-config.

7) Driver identifier

Extremely simple and helpful driver updater program works even without the internet connection. Just open an irrelevant file on your laptop, and the driver updater would identify whether it requires an update or not. The ones who need an update will have a link beside them after the scanning is executed.

8) Driver easy

Yet another program which is best for commercial and personal use at the same time is driver easy. It carefully checks for the outdated drivers and pings you on monthly, daily, weekly basis. In other words, whenever you log onto your laptop or desktop, driver easy is going to tell you about the outdated drivers.

9) Device Doctor

The portable driver updater does not require installation, and it capacitated to schedule scans. You will be channelized towards the website manually for downloading the needed update. However, sometimes you may need unzipping driver files before utilizing them.

10) Driver reviver

Manufactured by Reviversoft, driver reviver lets you identify the outdated drivers for quick updates an instant detection of faulty infected drivers. It safeguards your laptop and operating system from any risk of crashing.


So these were the best suggestions we could give regarding the driver Updater tool. Lastly, pay special attention to the system compatibility, detection capability, and customer support. Having a customer support desk at your disposal would ensure quick assistance from the developer end. Also, make sure that the chosen software is user-friendly and comes with minimal bugs and maximum support.

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