5 Advantages of Traditional Marketing Over Digital Marketing

advantages of traditional marketing over digital marketing

The world has changed and now everything revolves around a hyper-connected environment. Traditional practices have given ground to the digital and we can no longer visualize a life without mobile devices or computers, so it would be very difficult to gain that market niche with traditional marketing strategies and without the use of digital marketing.

Surely you must be tired of hearing that digital marketing is everything and that traditional marketing is obsolete. The purpose of marketing should not be confused with the means being used.

Digital marketing has surely opens new paths, but the bottom line remains the same: to make yourself known to people you can use either of the methods.

The fact that more and more people are coming online we see an explosion of social networks. But this does not mean that traditional marketing does not work. More than a substitution, it is a compliment.

The infinity of web tools now available that facilitate is the process of getting known and love potential customers, but the essence remains the same: people. But still, traditional marketing has its own benefit over digital marketing.

Below you will get advantages of traditional marketing over digital marketing :

What do we understand by traditional marketing and digital marketing?

Just for clarity, before entering the debate, let’s agree on the definitions:

Traditional marketing:

These are traditional methods used by companies to make themselves & product known (mass and specialized advertising in non-digital media, direct mail -physical, trade fairs); generate an experience (points of sale, merchandising) and build face-to-face relationships (public relations or networking).

  • It has a power of undeniable scope. The number of people on television, radio and the press, without a doubt, is huge.
  • It is totally focused on the product talking about its characteristics and benefit

Digital Marketing:

Marketing with the help of the web (search engines, web advertising, social networks, email marketing etc).

5 Advantages of Traditional Marketing over Digital

1) Scope

Many mass media continue to have an enormous reach and credibility in their audiences (think of fashion magazines, specialized press or cooking channels on cable television). What is obsolete is the way companies advertise (push rather than attract), not the media. Obviously, an Exhibition Display Stand serves a totally different use case when compared to a Display ad.

2) Promotion material can be recycled

Be it flyers, posters or magazines, all of these promotional materials can be reused. There’s no need to get it printed for every campaign. Moreover, there’s no need for an internet connection to consume such materials.

3) It is not digital

While I agree there are more and more people using the internet but what in-case of your grandfather?
Will he be joining Facebook? Chances are quite less, isn’t it?

Hence, there will be always such a section of the audience who can’t be reached through a digital medium.

4) Seeing to believe

There are always a few things that people don’t buy before seeing them physically. For example, phones, cars, jewellery etc. You may see hundreds of review of a phone or car on YouTube but you can only tell if it’s really for you is after you use it physically.

How to make the most of each one?

Creating synergies between the online world (digital, internet-based) and offline (everything tangible that is outside the internet).

From Offline to Online:

Use the power of traditional marketing to create communities. Use these advertisements to bring people on your site, make them watch a video or you’re like Facebook page so that they are able to know your brand better.

From Online to Offline:

Attract customers on the Internet (SEO, Google Ad-words, social networks, website) and make them fall in love with your brand (point of sale, meeting, trade fair). Turn online traffic into offline traffic. Try to educate people on the web and sell at your offline store.

This is the behaviour of the consumer that in the United States are beginning to call ROBO -Research Online to Buy Offline.


We can clearly see that both the marketing methods have their own cons and pros. You can choose any of them depending on the use case.

Hope this article useful, feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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