How IoT and Artificial Intelligence Are Transforming the Business

artificial intelligence

We have been developing from one stage to another with evolution. As we evolved, so did our daily activities. We started building new ways to make our daily activities simpler and easier. New invention became a revolution. We always look forward to automating our work.

The New Revolutionized Invention

In today’s world, the most revolutionized invention is none other than the Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I. It is one of the massive innovation. Just like the natural intelligence displayed by humans, AI is the intelligence displayed by the machines.

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We can find A.I anywhere such as in our devices like Cortana in Microsoft Windows, SIRI in iOS, etc. The reason to create A.I was to help humans in various ways. For example, while we are using Google Maps, we can listen to the voice directing us. This will help anyone while driving to focus on the road while they are being directed. A driver need not stop and look at a paper map for the directions.

Similarly, SIRI can help you in many ways. It can set an alarm for you; it can define a word, translate a sentence, and locate a restaurant nearby when you ask it or do several other tasks. So, basically A.I is designed for easement of daily activities.  You can read more research article in social science journal-call for papers.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things or IoT is a whole network of devices, electronics, software, sensors, etc. All these devices of IoT are also human inventions that have revolutionized the world. IoT can be anything like heart monitoring implants, cameras streaming live at roads, air purifiers, robotic vacuums, air conditioners, etc. Again, these are the most important parts of our lives.  

A.I and IoT have transformed our lives by making each and every task easy for us. But, what about their value in the world’s market? According to a study, the market value of the A.I is around USD/- 5.05 $ Billion. And the market value of the IoT will hype up to USD/- 7.1 $ Trillion by 2020. Also, there will be a tremendous increase in the device connection from 10 Billion to 30 Billion by 2020.

A.I and IoT in Business

When it comes to business, everyone wants to succeed. A.I and IoT both have created an enormous market share in the world. Every business across the globe are using these, and have been growing and developing further on these platforms.

  • Smartphones are IoT equipped with an A.I. For example, iPhone and the SIRI fall into this category. AI is currently under construction for behaving more like a human being to assist humans in various ways. According to a research, A.I is expected to emerge in 2018 to predominant technology due to its high demand and value.
  • IoT companies worldwide are working with A.I to make their devices sell more profitably in the market. For example, we have a system, where the lights would switch on in the presence of human beings. Mobile devices can recognize the owner’s voice and log-in. They can also, recognize the owner’s fingerprint and log-in. These are one of the best examples of how both A.I and IoT are changing the business.
  • The demand for A.I and IoT are expected to bring in large investments in Software as a Service, cloud and big data technology. Big data refers to the huge amount of structured and unstructured data which organizations use to analyze to come up with better business decisions and strategies. The process of analyzing big data is termed as big data analytics. 75% of the companies are investing in big data analytics. This does involve human beings, but it is quite a tedious task. And therefore, an A.I is definitely needed to automate the task.
  • 77% of the companies are interested to invest in SaaS/Cloud computing platforms. SaaS, known as Software as a Service is a well-known platform that provides services in the form of software. Again, we need AI and IoT to automate the process.

Businesses grow, employees grow, and hence the data. These data need to be managed professionally. They need software that could provide a better service to the business. But we alone cannot afford to give our full energy to this, and therefore A.I and IoT have been the better options.

A.I and IoT are making our lives. We can manage our home security, get reports on our heart’s activity, log into our devices with our voice, fingerprints, and much more. A.I and IoT is the key to our future success in

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Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

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