The 4 Major Benefits of Using an Android Television Box

benefits of android tv box

Nowadays, Android Television boxes have grown to become a better alternative to cable TV. If you are wondering what this is, it is simply a TV box that actually runs on the well known Android operating system.

This device is built with all the up to date streaming features making it a must-have entertainment gadget in today’s world. As we all know, the device runs on the same operating system that is running on most of our smartphones and tablets.

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This means that you can access to all your Android applications and games, and even perform all the various functions that can be done using a smartphone.

From having the ability to surf the net faster and easier and playing 3D games to streaming movies and live TV shows, there are many reasons as to why you should quickly dump your Cable TV service provider and get yourself an android TV box.

If you are still not convinced, here are the 4 Major Benefits of Using an Android Television Box.

1) You can play 3D and HD graphics games on your TV

If you are an avid gamer, you will be happy to learn that you can save a lot of cash you spend on 3D gaming by just using an Android TV box. This device supports a variety of Android games with HD graphics that cannot be played on cable TV connection.

With it, you will also have even better control over your gameplay. The games can be easily downloaded from Google play store through the Android Television box. You will only need to purchase game controllers for operating the game since your TV is very different from a computer.

Installing games is also much easier since you just need to use the game controller to load the game’s app on Android store and the game will be installed. From there you can plug your TV box to your USB receiver and enjoy your game.

2) You can use android apps on your TV

Another major benefit of an Android TV box is that it enables you to get all the features of any Android device including their application updates. With this device, you can easily enjoy millions of Android apps including YouTube, Opera mini, and much more.

To get an android screen display on your TV, you just attach your android Television box to one of your TV’s HDMI port. Doing this gives you a complete Android screen through which you can use to download, install, and use all the apps that you prefer.

Among these apps, there are some that will authorize you to watch specific entertaining movies and others like Spotify that will enable you to watch particular sports shows. You can also check your Facebook and WhatsApp statuses using your TV by downloading these apps.

3) You can use the device as a Media Player

A good thing about using an Android TV box act as a very good media player with its HD sound quality, this device is arguably one of the best and cheapest devices that you can use to install music apps and enjoy unlimited high-quality music and videos. This means that you won’t have to spend extra money investing in music devices like iPods.

4) It is cheaper than a Smart TV

One of the major benefits of buying an android TV box is that it is much cheaper when compared to buying a smart TV.

Nowadays, to have a good smart TV from a well-known brand you need to have about 1000 dollars to spend.

However, you can find Android TV boxes from as low as $30 which is a great value for your money considering their matchless computing power and hardware.

Final Words on Benefits of Using an Android Television Box

Considering the fact that an Android TV Box uses a familiar operating system, there is no limitation to its capability of getting you entertained and educated.

In addition to the above benefits, it enables you to have a hassle-free operation, lots of options when it comes to its user interface, and an app store where you can download all your favorite applications. With all these benefits, an Android Television Box comes out as an inexpensive option for getting a wide variety of endless entertainment.

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