Best Call Tracker App for Android Phones

best call tracking apps

Call tracking is not limited to just call tracing which is to record the location of the caller. Currently, it is updated to various features like time distribution of incoming calls, recording geographic coordinates, recording the call in higher audio quality, complete detail of name, number, and address, call summaries, missed calls. You can do all this by just using good quality call tracker app.

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For Android users, there are several apps to perform these latest updated call trackers which are available in google play store as apps to download for free or paid. We can easily track calls using these applications. Here are few best call tracker apps for android phones which we will see about their utter.


The important features of TrueCaller are call identification and this app detects unknown number by showing their sim card registered name while receiving the call. You can block unwanted call like spam, customer care calls. This app detects all the unknown SMS. By using this app we can also block by names and number series.

Analytic Call Tracking

Analytic Call Tracking is a great software that helps you to easily host your own Call Tracking Service. This app requires very less memory of room and ram so don’t worry about lag. More than one hundred million people have downloaded the app. Sometimes this app sends unwanted notification, which is a bit annoying.


The main features of the control panel are we can check message from the target device and we can also track browser history and bookmarks. It shows all the contacts from the phone book. The main feature is it will provide a location of the target device with the help of global positioning system (GPS).

Spyzie can extract information, it can securely extract and store the data from the target Android phone. Control panel is easy to handle and inexpensive app which doesn’t require any in-app purchase.

In comments, few stated this app makes their phone slower and laggy and this app will not detect any unknown number. It will also not show the names of the unknown person who contacts us.

Mobile number call Tracker:

This is a caller location tracker application. This app was developed by Bhima apps.

The features of Mobile number all tracker is this app will detect mobile number calling by using codes and it can also track caller location with mobile number details.

This app can also work in offline by displaying all the details of the number on the screen while receiving a call from any particular number. This app was limited only to Indian mobile numbers and not enhanced to the worldwide level.

Call tracker:

Call tracker app was developed by Dandolm.

This app will show you the call history from any phone you want to track. This app detects calls from the targeted device and also it checks the contact list. This app also checks SMS, WhatsApp messages, Viber messages from the target phone. This app has GPS locator and also checks all the system logs like battery status and everything.

The app is just 2.29MB and inexpensive app that doesn’t slow your phone. This app consumes very less battery. You will never require a power bank. This app was reported for bugs and would crash on their recent updated version.

Trace mobile number:

Trace mobile number was developed by phone tracker.

The features of this app are this app can locate phone number along with area and state. With the help of this app, you can find address off an unknown number from the map. This app not only tracks mobiles but also landline numbers, videocon numbers, and toll-free numbers.

This app doesn’t require an internet connection to trace mobile numbers. This app can also analysis call logs which gives a detailed analysis of the calls made previously. This app had stored all the Indian phone number and database so this app is very much good for India.

The entire app has its own advantages and disadvantages but call tracking app is a must in nowadays society to ensure someone’s safety. Among all the apps that had been mentioned true caller and control panel (spyzie) considered as the best for little kids.

Conclusion on best call tracker app

Overall I love using TrueCaller. It helps me save a lot of time as I can easily identify which calls are right and which are spam. Which call tracking app you use? Tell me in the comments section below.

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