Best Free Games For Android

Android games have become a trending fashion in these days. Everyone is showing interest in playing android games as it is effortless to carry where ever you go and don’t need any spacious place and the internet and all. You just have to make yourself comfortable and start playing the games in your android. The only problem here comes when you don’t know which are free and which are not. Check for best Lucky patcher games also. Here are few best free games for Android.

Here are Android best free games of 2017

android best free games

Best free games for Android

1) Critical Ops:

This game comes under war category. This game comes in the new versions of the battle games which are being popular nowadays. The difference between other games and this one is you can choose in which character will you be playing like be a citizen or a terrorist. And in this game, you can engage your friends and can play with them like a team. This is still a bit of under construction, but so far it is good with updates from time to time and hit the best part in the gaming world.

 2) Clash royale:

Clash royale is the another game for free that worth playing. This game is all about upgrading decks and defenses, Multiplier battles, and Collecting cards. Clash royale categorized under Strategy games which means, you need to prepare you attacking strategy by using different troops in different campaigns.  Various cards get unlock in each Arena. Chests the rewards boxes, Which are awarded after every battle you win. There are four chest boxes like gold, magic, silver, and Giant. The rewards are carried out by following clash royale chest cycle which is a chest sequence in which is predetermined order of chests

3) Cut the rope: magic

In spite of puzzle game, It can reach angry birds crazy so far in mean time. The only motive this game stands on helping the om nom monster to get its candy. Each level will have different ways to deal with and don’t worry you would never get bored with this game because you will have so many levels in this. It will help you to use your brain power and enrich it for the most. There is no need to purchase the game, as this game is free and available to download for free from Play Store with no in app purchases.

4) Fallout shelter:

This game is one of the best games in 2015, and it is totally for free. In this game, you need to build few shelters which will help for the survivors and create a living place for the people. As in each every game they are bad guys like in our real life this game also have bad guys who will try to stop you making an ecosystem by using fire, raids and all. The game is being good with updates from time to time and is a quite good game since it’s release.

5) Final fantasy brave envious:

This game includes fighting and also puzzles. As in you need to fight with your enemies to survive and get into the further rounds. Similarly, you need to plan strategies where you can trap your enemies. There will be puzzles and many more riddles which lead you to hidden treasures. You can even find some dungeons which have been a secret for the enemies, and you can make use of them while plotting a strategy against them. It is just simply want to survive then beat the higher one and become and enjoy the treasure which comes along with.

These are few best free games for android which are popular so far and interesting.  Hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to comment which do you like most. 

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