8 Best Personal Loan Apps in India for Instant Cash

Best Personal Loan Apps in India

Best Personal Loan Apps in India

Technology has affected each and every domain in such a way that’s quite unimaginable. We can say that things have changed the way we do things, and for the better of it. The financial sector has benefited a lot from the advent of technology. You can carry your transactions online, take loans, send money to your peers and colleagues, and so on and so forth.

When it comes to a loan, the hefty paperwork is out of the window and it is replaced by apps that are downloadable on your smartphones through the respective OS stores. If you need a personal loan you need only just have an app that is suited for you and have the transaction carried out.

Below given are some of the best applications that are designed for your comfort. Among these very few apps are out there which provide a loan in which no guarantor is needed.

1. MoneyTap

money tap

Very few are aware that MoneyTap is one of the first loan apps that introduced the concept of giving credit lines at affordable rates. It is one of the first that also enforced the no usage, no interesting feature for their customers. Using this, you can pay interest only on the amount that you have used and no more. Personal loans provide a good credit line which can be used via credit card and can be used as an instant loan.

2. Rupeelend

The app was launched on the Android platform in 2015 and is functional on the top 3 metro cities in India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. It is part of a digital finance group called Rupeelend Group and provides personal loans up to 1,00,000 INR at a time with a payment period of up to 61-90 days.

3. Flexsalary


Flexsalary offers instant cash, personal loans, salary advances and many other benefits for their customers. Features like one-time application, one-time approval for paying off the loans has made it widely popular. The company does not promote any fixed EMI tenure and provides swift loan approvals.

4. MoneyView

The Company provides instant personal paperless loans starting from 25,000 INR to about 5,00,000 INR. Through their mobile application customers can directly login into the portal, upload the required documents and get their loan amounts approved instantly. The loan tenure amount ranges from 3-12 months depended upon the amount they have taken.

5. CrediFiable


CrediFiable focuses on providing instant personal loans to salaried individuals with less paperwork and more ease. The only prerequisites needed to be eligible for a personal loan here would be that you should have an annual income of 3,00,000 INR and have all the documents available for verification. They would check your Income Tax statements just to be sure and then initiate and approve the process accordingly. CrediFiable also provides salary advance loans with good tenures and interest rates.

6. PayMeIndia

PayMeIndia is a unique application that provides permanent solutions to short-term money requirements. It provides services such as salary advance, loan advisory, and so on and so forth. The application has been designed to cater to customers for short- and long-term lending and funding needs. It also helps their customers in improving their credit scores with proper guidance at every step.

7. Credy Technologies


When it comes to providing a cutting-edge and personalised application which is user-friendly, Credy Technologies is the one that you should look out for. There are no hidden costs, any kind of advances based on salaries and loans, swift online transaction processing, and even acceptances applications with low CIBIL ratings. Credy approves loan amounts normally ranging from 10,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR at a tenure rating of 3-12 months with a 12% annual rate of interest.

8. Money in Minutes

A lending platform that is a suitable option for salaried customers, Money in Minutes is a great application for every individual within their prerequisite bracket. For people, who have an annual salary of 1,80,000 INR can also apply for the services provided by them. The loan amounts usually range from 5,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR with 0.7% interest rates on a daily basis.

If you are a regular customer and pay your amounts within the stipulated time, then you even get cash back amounts, discounts and so on and so forth.


Technology has definitely changed the way we look at our finances and these applications are proof of the same. With these, you can definitely fulfil your purposes and dreams, and the dream of a digital India is definitely coming to fruition.

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