5 Tips for Buying a Portable Battery Pack for Your Mobile Device

Buying a Portable Battery

In general, most of the smartphone devices and tablets are functioning like a pocket computer. It comes with compact and handy to the users and marks the better way in terms of usage. Despite the price, most of the devices will meet the situation of losing charge. In this case, it is essential for the users to charge up their phone but it will be difficult when you are out.

So, moving towards portable external battery will always help you vital period. Let’s discuss some tips you need to keep it in mind while purchasing portable battery pack.

1) The input current of the battery pack

Usually, people will go for a large capacity battery pack for their usage. But the thing one should keep it in mind, the larger capacity battery will take time to charge. Most of the people will try to charge their portable battery throughout the night. But it will not support all the batteries.

For your information, battery packs are highly accepted between 0.8A and 1.5A. However, the high currents might found mainly on the high capacity stuff.

Some of the people charge up their battery but still allow other devices to get charged. This thing will lead to cut the lifespan of your battery.

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2) Compare price and Quality

When it comes to purchasing the battery, it is essential for you to check out the quality rather than just checking out the quantity. Most of the people move towards the 6000 mAh battery if it is available at lower price.

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This thing makes the people wrong at a certain stage. If you spend reasonable money on a battery, then you will get good stuff that offers you the service long. We can often see that most of the batteries are getting exploded due to its quality. So, try to find the right brand and plan to purchase that battery.

3) Available ports

We can able to see that most of the batteries are come up with the port attached in the case. It is the thing which will make the people carry without any difficulties. When it comes to higher capacity battery, it is mainly comprised of one USB charging port. If you are looking for more ports, then it will cost much than you expected.

But the thing is it is essential for you to carry the battery with multiple ports. It will help you to connect more devices at a time to charge up.

4) Capacity

Before going to purchase a portable battery, it is always essential for the people to know that how a capacity battery is required to your device. We can see several batteries with different level of capacity available in the market. However, people are generally going for the battery which can charge the device for one time.

For instance, if your device capacity is 2400mAh battery and a portable battery is also the same 2400mAh. It will help you to charge for only one time. If you plan on heavy battery, then you can charge your device multiple times than expected. So, trying to buy a battery with high capacity will always be useful.

5) The input current of a device

It is the common thing we used to see that most of the users of smartphone claiming that the device is not getting charged on time compared to other devices. People think if they purchase a higher capacity battery, then it will become easy for the device to get charge faster.

One should keep it in mind is it will not accept the device to charge fast. According to the capacity of your device only, it works. So, try to keep down your expectations before going to buy.


Generally, people aren’t aware that what all the stuff need to be followed before purchasing the portable battery pack. Hope the above-given tips will be useful if you are going to purchase the portable battery pack for your mobile phone.  

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