What are the career paths open for you if you know programming?

career for programmer

Today’s world demands extraordinary skills from every individual and with technology soaring through the skies, the need of coders and programmers are overflowing the bucket. If you want to learn a skill that opens myriad doors to various career opportunities, coding is the way to go.

The career prospects for a coder range from technical jobs to entrepreneurship. The IT industry is booming these days with the provision of secured jobs that guarantee a luxurious and secured life.

Learning to code not only brings you jobs in the IT sector, but you can find a range of jobs in the non-IT sector as well. Many surveys conclude that there are millions of job openings in occupations that require coding skills.

Here are the career prospects for a Programmer:

1) Be a Coder and developer

If you know programming, the most basic and obvious job is going to be a coding job. This is the easiest career path that one can go for after learning to code. Along with the existence of big organizations, there are many start-ups that require hard working and diligent coders for managing their technical departments.

There is too much diversity in coding jobs. You can go for game development, web development, application development for Android and iOS, robotics programming, machine learning researcher and what not. With the advancement in Artificial Intelligent concept, coders can find themselves working in the development of artificially intelligent systems required in various fields.

2) Be in Government Jobs

You can even go for Indian government jobs. Various government jobs require the technical and coding knowledge of individuals to conduct the technical and managerial operations of the Government of India.

They conduct important competitive examinations like Indian Engineering Services of IES examinations which helps them to find the best engineering graduates from all over the country. Bagging jobs in government sectors can surely guarantee a secured life with high salary and various benefits.

3) Try in Management Field

Businesses today require technical skills along with the requirement of soft skills. The integration of technology in every professional field including business has made it imperative for individuals to be skilled in coding.

Probably this is why many undergraduate engineering courses make it a compulsion to include at least one coding subject in their curriculum. So it makes it easier for non-IT people to go for jobs that require technical skills, even if they are going for business jobs after getting an MBA degree.

Technical skills along with soft skills give you a higher edge at securing a business job as compared to other applicants of poor technical background. You will notice that even project managers who have learned to code find it better to communicate to his/ her technical subordinates regarding the needs of the organization.

You can also bag jobs in areas like customer support, growth hacker, product manager, content marketer, technical recruiter etc. with your effective coding skills.

4) Be in Data Mining

Data mining, analysis, and interpretation are important aspects of every organization. The most important feature related to technology is data.

Businesses and organizations are able to function effectively if they are skilled in grasping the insights from data. Business analysis is an effective way to promote the growth and expansion of your organization.

This is something many start-up organizations neglect which sometimes leads to failure. The professional world demands employees who can effectively manipulate data but for that, you are expected to be adept in statistical programming languages like R, Stata, SPSS, and Python. Being comfortable with these languages will open up doors to jobs like a data scientist, data analyst, actuary, biomedical engineer etc.

5) Be a Designer

There is also a high demand for technical skills required in the field of creativity. Designing is not a pen-paper job anymore. It has become essential for designers to use various software tools for producing their creativity.

The norm “use digital tools to create virtual products” is becoming famous these days with millions of designers using technology to create amazing creations.

If you can code, you can get good opportunities in the field of designing viz. graphic designing, game designing, web designing, UX/UI designing, digital product designing etc. Many designing tools are also used in other non-IT fields like digital photography, fashion designing, media etc.

6) Be in entrepreneurship

If you are not into engineering jobs or any other jobs that require you to work with some higher authority, you can just ditch those jobs and become that higher authority under which other individuals work.

With your coding skills, you can easily venture into entrepreneurship and launch your own startup company.

Nowadays many start-up companies center around the coding and technical nucleus of innovation. Knowing how to code can help you launch a unique product and drive down your costs.

Being a coder makes you analytically and logically efficient with impressive problem-solving skills because that’s what coders are trained for; to solve problems using technology.

The freedom that comes with the knowledge of coding is rather inexplicable. You can even become a digital nomad or freelancer. Therefore being a programmer in today’s world would not only secure you the position of being called a ‘nerd’ but it would also secure you a variety of other professional positions with great future prospects.

After all, we are drunk in technology these days; why not make some money out of it?

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