Do we Depend On Technology too much? Like Smartphone And Tablets

do we depend on technology too much

do we depend on technology too much

Here is the question “Do we Depend On Technology too much?”

And the answer is Yes We are dependent too much on technology.

We are too much dependent on technology in our lives. Especially the users of smartphones and tablets tend to use them for every possible task or function.

Whenever you look around yourself, see you see a large number of devices and gadgets run on different types of new and old technologies. Whether it is the kitchen, the school, the workplace or even a restaurant, everywhere you look, technology driven devices and applications dominate the world.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Technology on our life.

#Technology makes our lives better

Over the past several years, new and innovative technologies have been known to make our lives easier and more convenient. These technologies make work fast, efficient and more productive.

#Dependency on smartphones and tablets

Smartphones and tablets are two such devices that have infiltrated our society like an epidemic. Every household and every family use these gadgets in their daily lives.

With easy access to the internet and 24/7 connectivity, the benefits of these gadgets have been multiplied through various types of apps and software.

Their beneficial aspects and utility cannot be denied. However, the human dependency on their gadgets is becoming too much. For every little task or objective, we take the help of the smartphones and tablets.

These tasks and objectives were achieved through manual human efforts in older times. But now, we are too much dependent on them.

#The Younger generation is more effected

This is especially true for, the younger generation. With children as young as five years using these devices and tablets so frequently, the new generation will be fully dependent on these technological gadgets for all their analytical problems and find their quickest possible solutions.

Let us now look at some of the ways; the technology of smart devices and tablets has taken over many other older gadgets and methods:

  • In older times watches were worn by people to keep track of time. But now a mobile phone is used to inquire about time
  • Saving contact information like numbers and addresses was done on paper and diaries. With the storage capabilities of smartphones, the people now save all their contact lists here. If the mobile phone is lost, the entire list is gone.
  • Both children and adults spend large amounts of time on these technological gadgets. Most of this time is spent on watching videos, browsing the internet or simply playing games. It is a huge wastage of precious and valuable time.
  • Instead of using a calculator for various types of mathematical problems, mobile phones have become the most reliable calculating device.
  • People use the GPS services provided by many apps and software on these devices for their navigation purposes during driving. This can be highly unreliable and can even lead to fatal accidents
  • A large number of other applications like making videos, taking pictures, editing images, sending messages and even making video calls have become a common practice.
  • With too much internet and social media, people are unable to socialize in real life.

What Studies and researches Say

Studies and researches suggest that most of the users of these devices get addicted to them. They spend considerable amounts of time on these devices and waste time. It has a direct effect on our physical and mental health which has become a major source of concern.

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