6 Examples of IoT Devices for your Home

Iot devices for home

Connected technologies like IoT have played a crucial role in making our homes smart. This in turn has made our daily lives so comfortable. Today you can control lights or room temperature using your smartphone. Yes, it’s that easy.

In case you are thinking of transforming your home into a smart home then you’ll love this post. We’ll cover six examples of IoT devices that you can use to get started –

Smart Lighting

Too lazy to switch off lights at night? Don’t worry your smartphone can do that for you.

Smart lights can be directly controlled by your smartphone. Apart from turning it on and off, you can control the brightness and even change the colour. So cool, right!

You just need to connect it with your personal WiFi to get started. It provides you the flexibility to –

  1. Remotely access your lights from any part of the world
  2. Sync the colours with your favorite music
  3. Set time schedules and more

While there are multiple brands to choose from, our personal favourite is the Philips Hue lights.

Video Doorbells

smart doorbell

Another popular smart home device are Video doorbells. You can use video doorbells to unlock your door and allow access to people. All this right from your smartphone. Apart from this you can always pull up the live video feed to ensure the safety of your house.

Advanced doorbells also come equipped with a motion sensor which notifies you whenever motion is detected around your house. You can easily turn off these alerts for specific times of the day.

In case you’re serious about installing a home security system in Dallas you should check out BabyBlu Home Security.

Smart Assistants

Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you already know about Amazon Echo or the Google Home Mini. These devices allow you to make calls, change music, control devices with just your voice. To activate them you just need to use a trigger word (“Alexa” in the case of Amazon Echo).

These voice assistants are a perfect fit for anyone’s home. With a perfect setup, you can literally control your complete home with voice commands. The two popular voice assistants are –

  1. Amazon Alexa
  2. Google Home Mini

In case you planning to buy an assistant or already have one, you should definitely try it to :

  • Book a cab
  • Play a game
  • Set a reminder
  • Book movie tickets
  • Play your favourite song

Smart Plugs

With smart plugs you can turn on your favourite appliances with a single tap. This is possible by just connecting it with your home’s wifi. Just plug in your favourite appliance and you’re good to go. You can connect your PC, air conditioner, table lamp or any device of your choice.

In case you’re looking to connect multiple devices you can pick a smart surge protector. These devices can also be triggered using voice commands or IFTTT. You can also schedule when you want your devices to be turned on/off.

You can find smart plugs from brands like Wipro, TP-Link and others.

Smart Door Lock

Looking to add an extra layer to your home’s security? Yes, then fitting a smart door lock can be a perfect addition.

Unlike normal locks, smart locks can only be unlocked using a pin. It also comes with an auto-lock function. So in case you forgot to lock your door, it automatically locks it for you. You can also generate temporary codes for visitors. The best part is that you can track the complete unlock history using an application.

Smart Thermostat

Thermostats have become smarter over the years. With smart thermostats you control the temperature smartphone using your phone or just speaking to a smart speaker like Alexa.

It’s become more powerful than ever, especially the energy-saving features. If anyone is looking for a smart thermostat, you should definitely check the one’s by Nest (recently acquired by Google).


Hope you liked the devices we mentioned above. In the past few years, we’ve seen a growing demand for IoT devices. We think in the coming years this demand will increase. Hopefully, this means more affordable IoT devices in the market.

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