Mobile gaming app for parties: Apps that will help you to rock in party scenes

mobile games for parties

A break from work is what all of us deserve and after a hectic week, no one wants to sit home to repeat the monotony of every other weekend. Parties are what brings some excitement to a mundane week and is a must to rejuvenate your mood. But not all parties are as exciting as they promise to be. For all those who are a regular in socializing and attending parties must be aware of it. When the music fades away and the rhythm of your dance starts to go down then you need some alternate ideas to keep the party feels going. And here is when party games come into play.  

If you are struggling on with some games that you can include in your party calendar, then here are a few suggestions that will make your party a bit more happening and exciting.

1) Heads Up

If you are an Ellen DeGeneres fan then there are chances that you already know about this game! And if you know about this game then you must be already a fan of it! You just need to put the phone on your forehead and it will show your friends a word. They will give you hints and you will have to just guess it before the time runs out.

2) Reverse Charades

We all know how charades work. Reverse Charades is just an inverted version of the same. Instead of your friends guessing the clue, you will have to guess as many as words from your friends within a set period of time. Imagine all your friends trying to act Gorilla at the same time, I am sure that will be one of an epic sight to watch!

3) Who can’t draw?

If you and your friends love to play Pictionary then there are very high chances that you will also enjoy a few rounds of Who can’t draw? Just like Pictionary, the rules are quite simple: You are given 15 seconds to draw the best representation of the clue and pass your phone to the next person, who has to take a guess from your drawing and draw it in 15 seconds and so on. This will lead to a series of hilarious drawings. 

4) Bomba Drink

All party apps lists are incomplete without a drinking game. Bomba Drinks is the best and the most interestingly straightforward game that requires you to answer a very simple question before the bomb ticks off. A wrong answer or taking up too long to answer will lead to taking up a shot of your drink.

These were the list of some famous games that will definitely add a spark of fun and excitement to your party. But since all these games are app-centric, you need to also take care for the phone that you are using while playing these as a lagging phone or a smartphone with a poor battery will definitely be a party pooper.

So whosoever among your friends has got a phone with humungous battery or the smoothest octa-core processor with efficient RAM, make them install the game and play all-night long. Some of the phones that can withstand these long hours of fun without a hiccup are Panasonic Smart PhonesEluga Ray 700 that comes with a 3GB RAM and a 5000mAh battery. Other smartphones like Lava and Xiomi are also great competitors when it comes to powerful smartphones category.

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