List of Gifts That you can Give to Your Phone Lover Friends

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Love for the smartphone is wildly catching up these days. We all know someone who is madly in love with their phone. You generally find them either texting someone or watching something online. If you also know someone with similar traits and are thinking of gifting them something that will make their phone love even happier then you are at the right place. Here are some products that you can gift your phone lover friend.

1) Grip for your phone:

This is an ideal gift for all those who are bit clumsy and freak out when they drop their phone. This cover will allow them to hold dearly to their favorite gadget and will add to their style quotient with the colorful grips available.

2) Mobile printer:

All those who love taking pictures on phone, a mobile printer will work wonderfully for them. The fact that your Polaroid collector friend will be able to print those special pictures instantly will fill them with joy. The fact that mobile printers are really compact and high on utility; this makes them an ideal gift for your friends who love taking pictures on phone.

3) Flash Drive:

A flash drive that is compatible with your computer makes your phone a dream come true for people who love to watch and store movies and watch them on the go. There are many phones in the industry like Samsung J5 and J7 or Panasonic smartphones like P91 or Eluga I9 which support OTG, making our lives easier and happier.

4) 10-foot long charging cable:

Well, what if they also forget to charge their power bank only? A 10-foot long cable is the only solution for them, it will allow them to use their phone without sitting near to a charging point, it allows them to move around or sit comfortably at their favorite place with their favorite gadget.

5) A bendable tripod for your phone:

A person for whom his phone is his God, I am sure that person would love to have a beautiful and stylish tripod. They can put their beloved phone in its stylish holder and not worry about its safety. This gadget can come in handy on various occasions. For a long movie marathon or a car holder for navigation, etc.

Final Words on Gifts for Phone Lover friends

These are not just gifts, but in other terms are “thoughtful gifts” that will surely put a smile on your phone-lover friend which they will cherish forever, or as long as the product lasts. So go on, add some accessories to your friend’s phone collection and be remembered for good.

Do comment and tell what more you can gift to your phone lover friend and please mention if something you have gifted to your phone lover friend.

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