How to Signing Up For A Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of the oldest mailing platforms. Although it’s used is very limited now, still, many professionals prefer it to other mailing platforms thanks to its wonderful organized interface and great features.

Microsoft has continuously experimented with it; first Outlook and now Live. As per the new guidelines issued it has decided to replace Hotmail with Outlook and Live platforms but still is available for interested users.

Signing up on Hotmail is quite easy. Here are the steps one needs to follow to have his own id:

STEP 1: Visit Hotmail website

Visit the official website of Outlook by logging in to (all redirect you to the Outlook website).

NOTE: One thing should be kept in mind always that one can NOT sign up on Outlook using the app. Signing up option is only available on the Outlook website.

STEP 2: Create on create account link

Click on the Create account link on the top right side of the page.

STEP 3: Choose your email id

Enter your preferred e-mail id in the Create account dialog box. Choose the email address domain from thedrop-downn menu by clicking on the downward arrow on the right side of the “New email” text field.

create acount at hotmail

Click on the blue Next button.

STEP 4: Create password

A new Create password dialog box appears. Now enter the password that you would like to use for your account. Do ensure that the password is strong by combing alphabets, numbers and special characters.

STEP 5: Uncheck Promotional offers box

Just below the “Create password” text field, a check box is present which asks permission to send promotional offers by Microsoft to your mailbox. Uncheck if you do not want to receive promotional offers from Microsoft (by default, it remains checked). If you do, just skip this STEP.

Click on the blue Next button.

STEP 6: Enter your details for hotmail account

Now, the Add details dialog box will appear. Enter your first and last name into the respective text fields. Click on the blue Next button.

add details to hotmail account

STEP 7: Add your details

In the next Add details dialog box, Outlook asks you for your country of origin and your date of birth. It is interesting to note that unlike other mailing platforms, Outlook (or Hotmail) has no age limits. So, even a newborn can have his/her own mailing account. After you have fill in the required details, click on the blue Next button.

STEP 8: Click on Captcha

The next dialog box appears with a Captcha code to ensure a real person is making the account. You can also opt for audio version of the captcha code by clicking on the Audio button just beside the code image. Click on the Next button after filling in the captcha code in the designated text field.

STEP 9: Welcome to outlook

If the entered captcha is found to be correct, a new window will appear, welcoming you to Outlook. Click on the blue “>” to move forward.

STEP 10: Click on Dialog box

A dialog box will appear asking you to choose a theme from amongst a set of them provided to you by Outlook. Once you are done, click on the “>” button.

STEP 11: Add timezone and langauge

Outlook will now ask for a few more details like Language and Time Zone. Once you are done choosing your language and time zone, click on the “>” sign.

STEP 12: Add your email signature for hotmail account

Now, Outlook will ask you to create your own signature that will appear at the end of every mail you send. It also gives you a few template signatures.

add signature to hotmail account

Click on the “>” sign to move forward.

STEP 13: Click on Lets go

After this, you are all set to go. A dialog box will appear as shown below. Click on the “Let’s go” button to move on to your mailbox.

STEP 14: Your Hotmail account is signed up

Congratulations! Your account is signed up. Browse through the various options available and start your Outlook journey.

Your hotmail account is signed up

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