How Video Walls Can Support Your Business Goals

There are numerous ways to expand your business by supplying the most up to date information on exactly what your business is all about. Even if you are a marketing genius, one of the most expressive and stunning ways to interact with your customers is a great video wall.

Whether your business is a high-end boutique in a tourist town, or a multi-million dollar sports stadium, a video wall (or combined monitoring system), offers a uniquely functional method of promoting your brand at exactly the right time in a big way.

There a wide selection of video walls to choose from to best suit your business needs as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known ever.

What exactly is a video wall?

A video wall may consist of multiple monitors, projectors or large screens that are either tiled or can overlap, displaying one large image.

There are many options for screens, as well as hardware and software available to create the perfect video wall depending on the type of business, but they all have something in common; highlighting your business to your customers in a big and bold way that will have a positive impact on how they relate to, and ultimately, remember your business, be it a non-profit organization, healthcare facility or educational environment.

A multi-touch video wall can engage and invite your customers to find out more about your company in a way that is not intrusive and user-friendly. Depending on what your business is all about, you can gain insightful knowledge about your customers while they, in turn, are able to maintain their privacy.

If your goal is to collect specific information about your customers so you can tailor a segment of your business for that demographic, choose one which provides a multi-user interface, such as an LCD video wall.

If you want to provide up to date information, you may choose to have a series of videos, which provide a specific group of facts about your company that can be updated in real time.

What are the use cases of video walls?

If you have been to a music concert in the last few decades you’ve likely seen gigantic video walls which display a supersized image of the performers on stage which you would likely not be able to see in the nosebleed section of that music venue.

These extra large video walls not only allow people to see the details such as the rings the rock stars wear, they create an intense energy that engages the audience’s visual, as well as audio senses, bringing a harmonic (no pun intended) balance to the whole concert experience.

A highly efficient video wall can create sophisticated communication that allows a team to gather vital information in real time situations.

In a hospital, a video wall can assist in scheduling surgeries or other procedures, synced to team members’ tablets so they can see in real time where each member of their staff is located in addition to monitoring what is happening in each room.

It keeps things flowing smoothly so everyone is on the same page. This is vital for those crucial moments when communication is key and can make the difference between life as well as death.

How video walls can help your business

Another great benefit of having a video wall in your business and likely the most important one is promoting teamwork where each individual brings their unique talents and expertise to the table.

A video wall can incorporate ongoing information, which, when shared among the members of a team, promotes an environment where sharing ideas blossoms into a productive brainstorming session which can lead to creativity and powerful working solutions to help your business thrive and grow as it is well known ever to a number of people.

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When you encourage this type of teamwork, you are accomplishing multiple tasks; allowing each team member to share his or her ideas with the group and saving time by keeping everyone informed of the outcome of these sessions.

Everyone appreciates the feedback, as this encourages people to be more productive and put their best foot forward knowing they are being heard.

Happy people make better employees and happy customers make better business as far as it is concerned by a number of people.

Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.


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