Landing Page vs Home page- Which one to use where ?

Home Page Vs Landing Page

Getting knows the difference between the home page and landing page had become more important these days. Using these different page types had become official for an inbound marketing.

Both the pages have the role to be efficient at answering the questions your prospects have at each stage in their journey. These help to improve search engine rankings and get more leads from your website.

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Home Page

For every web users, the home page would be the first web page that is displayed after starting a web browser. The web browsers are like Netscape’s Navigator or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The browser is usually present so that the home page is the first page of the browser manufacturer. It can be set it open to any website.

The goal of the homepage is to disrupt their status quo. Basically, home pages are for prospects in the awareness stage but not always. The message and source you offer should reflect it.

Landing Page

Landing page works in digital marketing. A landing page is a standalone web page. A landing page is created specifically for the purpose of marketing or for advertising camping. The goal of your landing page is to turn the site visitors into leads. You can create a landing page by using elementor.

Visitors have been to the site, they have seen your story and they found additional information sources they want and need.

The Difference between Landing Page and Home Page:

An effective Home Page does the following things exactly,

  •    The home page gives you a comprehensive of what your business is actually doing.
  •    Homepage guides every visitors how to connect with you in other ways like getting in touch with you in person or in social media.
  •    Homepage connects to every other important permanent page of your website.
  •    Homepage occupies your root domain

An effective Landing Page does the following things more often,

  •    Landing page always omits or downplays navigation options.
  •    Landing page offers throughout the page or it always stays focused on a single topic.
  •    The landing page may not necessarily intend to be a permanent part of your website in long run.
  •    Landing page tends to prompts visitors to take one well-defined action.
  •    A landing page is designed to receive traffic from one or several specifics sources, like an advertisement or an email camping.

When to use which page?

Home Page Vs Landing Page


This always relays on what your goal is. For example, if you are getting your business online or the first time you have to choose home page.

But why?

The homepage is a key start for everyone who doesn’t have a website yet. When you have no idea how to start you can simply build a basic homepage and expand your website from there. If you are someone who has a simple way to build a site then homepage is the sense to go ahead.

With the help of home page, you can create a quick, effective and a good appealing front door website for your business.

The basic information like the address, phone number, staff names, office hours, these logistical information doesn’t require and action-oriented landing page. Visitors will get the required source by contacting or visiting you.

If your website fiend is on social media profiles then landing page should be your choice. But why?

When visitors access through their social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter and any other medium they are probably expecting to find your home page.

If the home page is proper working one, you are just doing it fine. If this is not enough there is always more room to optimize even further.

By providing access to each other channel as a bonus the visitors may feel something special that they have lucked into something. You can even transfer this method in offline.

If you have a captivatingly unique business model like getting plenty of press attention, the landing page is the best way. This can happen by simply informing people that your website or business exists and is rarely an effective angle for your paid social media campaigns.

In social media, it takes little push for a visitor to look at your ads because not everyone accessing social media to check your ads.

What to choose between a Landing page and Home page, as we mentioned it depends on your goal. After all the aim is to connect your visitors with you as soon as possible before any of that enthusiasm fades. Both help to develop the business all you need is when to use when to grow your business.

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