Mixed Reactions to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8

iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Just like with the previous Apple smartphone launches, the upcoming iPhone 8 is one of this year’s most anticipated devices. Along with the considerable hype surrounding the release, consumers and industry experts are already speculating it will boast a number of new and innovative features including a series of design upgrades.

The company will be celebrating the iPhone’s 10th anniversary this year, so Apple is expected to go big on the latest installment of the device. There’s high expectation towards the device, with RBC Capital’s lead analyst Amit Daryanani even stating the iPhone 8 can make Apple the world’s first trillion dollar company.

Apple’s next flagship carrier is an extremely important device for the company. Despite CEO Tim Cook’s claim that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were performing well, some analysts believe the company had terrible sales last year and needs a game changing device to make up for the lost revenue.

Samsung isn’t making it easy for Apple as their sales skyrocketed this year with the arrival of their groundbreaking, forward-thinking smartphones. A 4.5 star rated device by O2 users, the Galaxy S8 boasts some impressive new smartphone technologies such as wireless charging, edge-to-edge display, built-in Bixby AI assistant, iris scanning biometrics, and the Bluetooth 5.0. With Samsung’s record-breaking pre-order sales to beat, Apple needs to raise the bar this year.

However, things won’t be that easy for the California-based tech company. It appears that analysts have different reactions towards the iPhone 8 with some arguing that it could well disappoint, while at the other end of the spectrum, some tech hacks think it’ll be Apple’s greatest ever smartphone. Due to the iPhone 8 set for release in September, this article will look at what experts are really saying about the release.

A much-anticipated smartphone



Due for launch this September, rumors about the apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 have been spreading like wildfire online. As we get closer to the expected announcement, more leaked images and details provide us with an idea of how revolutionary this device could potentially be. According to some analysts, here are some of the reasons why the iPhone 8 will be a groundbreaking device for the consumer market:

• A new design made with premium materials will feature a slightly larger size than its predecessor, edge-to-edge screen similar to the Galaxy S8, and vertically aligned dual main cameras at the back panel.
• Fast charging will be employed and an option for wireless charging will also be made available.
• Touch ID will be replaced by ‘Face ID’ (facial recognition security).
• Automatically silent audio notifications if users look at the device.

Disappointing device

While some are expecting a revolutionary smartphone from Apple in 2017, naysayers are arguing that fans shouldn’t expect that much, claiming that the iPhone 8’s features will be a massive disappointment. Here are the key takeaways of those scoffing at the next iPhone:

• The headphone jack won’t be returning and it looks like Apple is planning to say goodbye to it forever.
• The smartphone is suffering from ‘technological issues’ that will affect its date of arrival on the market, delaying the iPhone 8 three weeks from its expected initial release date.
• Stock shortages are expected and a major price increase.
• Apple is moving towards the face biometric sensor, which is still considered unstable and not as secure as the fingerprint and iris scanning technology.

The iPhone 8 is due to be announced alongside two iterations (iPhone 7S and 7S Plus) of Apple’s current flagship carrier next month. While the new 7S devices will be in stores after 2-3 weeks of the launch, potential buyers will have to contend with plenty of challenges along the way including the possibility of a late arrival, inflated price, and the aforementioned limited stocks.

However, as Apple confirms the recently leaked images of the iPhone 8, presenting a bigger and bolder device, consumers are more eager to get this collectible smartphone. Just like the first iPhone back in 2007, this will be one of those devices Steve Jobs would be proud of (if Apple pulls everything together as planned).

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