3 Hot niches for the pay per call advertising

pay per call advertising

We have talked a lot about the pay per call advertising and in this post will talk something exciting. For those who are new to pay per call, let me give you a brief about this trending advertising.

Pay per call is comparatively a new form of advertisement which works on the performance-based model. Here we don’t pay for any web-based form filling or click. Instead, a lead is considered as successful when someone will make a call on the tracking number shown in the ads.

Pay per call advertisements has proven to be quite beneficial for the advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, they just need to pay for the qualified inbound calls which they come to know by Pay Per Call Tracking. And for the publisher, as the payout is quite more than any other advertisement form and so, with less traffic also, you can earn more.

But as earlier mentioned as well, pay per call may not be much profitable for all the blog niches and so a proper analysis needs to be done.

In this post, we are going to talk about the leading niches where pay per call can be a game changer.

#1 Health club, fitness center, and other health and fitness related business

Health is one of the most profitable niches in any sector. Take it to a simple blog or a large hospital chain, healthcare is one of the most costly and profitable business segment. Also, this is one of the rare business segment which is recession free.

As the costing of this service is quite more and also the profit margin and so, pay per call is one of the most suitable advertising campaigns. You can easily create the ad campaign for your health club or hospital and even for the franchise business where you want the others to start the chain of your hospitality or health club section.

#2 NGO-Non-profit organizations

The donation is another hot market for the pay per call campaign and should be taken seriously while launching the campaigns.
Especially in the holiday season or year-end, such donation campaign works best. These days people tend to make more donation compared to another part of the year.

The other reason why people tend to give more donation is the income tax. Usually, the donation given to the charities are tax-free and so people think this is for mankind as well as they are getting out of tax as well.

#3 Student loan

One of the most money-making niches is student loan as well. No matter what the marketing scenario is like healthcare, education niche will keep on growing and even in a recession, it will grow with a bigger growth rate.

If someone is going for the higher studies like MS or MBA to the tier one countries like the USA from the growing Asian countries, it is like that he or she will spend around USD 1.3-1.5 million. Now affording such huge money own is a bit challenging and so, people usually take loans. Again, as the success ratio is more, and so banks easily fund such loans.

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These were the top 3 niches as for now for the pay per call campaigns for the huge profit. If you are working in these niches, make sure to try pay per call ad.

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