Radar: One tool to integrate all location services in a mobile app


Nick Patrick and Coby Berman are the two names behind Radar, They Launched Radar the location-based service platform in 2016 with there two ex-foursquare colleagues. They all have a huge experience in location-based services, geofencing and how all this used in the mobile app.

Nowadays location-based apps are working well for everyone, Suppose if you are running a travel business and you have multiple buses on different routes than for sure you and your customers need a location-based services in your mobile app so that you can track the location of bus even you can send the pickup location to customer which will help customers to reach at pickup point very easily and quickly.

Now you might be thinking how it can increase your business revenue, So let me tell you, man, its time of competition there are so many travel companies are present in the market, So if you won’t be having a good mobile app with all updated features you will start losing your business.

If we tell our developer to integrate this services then he will take a lot of time to write code for this. But Radar made it easy, they have there one tool by which you can just integrate all location-based services to your mobile app within a minutes.

Radar has three Context Types

1) Geofencing

If you will use the Geofencing tool than it will allow you to set some predefined region and whenever a user enters into that region you can change your app behavior accordingly. Suppose User reached pickup point but the bus is running late then you can send a notification with customised message and bus live location to your user.

2) Insights

Insights will tell you about the user live location and his behavior with complete analytics and detailed information.

3) Places

Radar is having some predefined places like restaurants (Mac Donald’s, KFC), Amusement parks, Hotels, Shopping malls, Railway station, Airports etc, So you can directly use these places integration to your app and change your app behavior whenever the user enters into these regions. Radar is used by many apps like  Parker Via, SeatGeek, Chick-fil-A, Raise.

Better understand working of Radar by This Video


Radar have Three Developers Tools

1) SDK

A developer can integrate SDK to iOS and Android apps and start tracking user and generate events also. The integration is not tough it just needs few lines of code and you are done.

You can read more about how SDK works here.

2) API

With the help of API, you can access completRadar data including users, events, geofences, and places. You can use the API to list users in a specific geofence or to create geofences programmatically.

You can read more about API working here.

3) Integrations

Radar is able to support a number of server-side integrations. It can support Event integrations like webhooks and Segment allow you to send events from Radar to other systems. Geofence integrations like Yext allow you to sync geofences from other systems to Radar.

You can read more about Integrations working here.

Benefits of Radar

  1. It is beneficial for developers, users and app owners, Let me tell you how.
  2. It saves a lot of developers time which he will be spending to write codes for location services.
  3. It gives an enhanced app to the user which can change its behavior as per users location which is best for users.
  4. It is beneficial for app owners also, It helps them to generate more revenue by giving customised app user experience based on users location.

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