Reasons for Compressing Your PDF Files

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Soda PDF has made it easier for you to compress your PDF Files. It should be noted that there is a difference between compressing files and reducing the size of the files. Soda PDF has both of these features and you can use the online or the offline application. To learn more about how you can compress your PDF files, see the Soda PDF is one of the best application used for compressing files and it is preferred by most users. Here are reasons for compressing PDF files:

1. Storage Space

A compressed file does not take much space when compared to the uncompressed file. Storage price is very important but it comes at a price. You can store more files in your drives or cloud storage if you have compressed your files. Compressing a file can reduce it by almost 50% percent its original size.

2. Minimize Cost

When you compress your PDF files you will use less storage space. If you are compressing your files up to 50% this means you are saving up 50% of space on every file you compress. Your computer drives or cloud storage will not take much space and you will use them for much longer. Additionally, compressed files take a small amount of time to download, when compared to the uncompressed file. This lowers the cost of internet downloads.

3. Quick Emailing

A compressed file will take less time to transfer when compared to a full file. The ideal size for attaching a file on the email is 100KB. You can easily and quickly transfer and send files across the institution. You can use Soda PDF online application or offline to compress your files for easy emailing.

4. Backup and Archiving

When you have similar compressed files, it is easier to back them up. It saves up the storage space and the transmission. The compressed files will be stored in one compressed file.

5. Searchable Texts

The Soda PDF file compression tools not only compress the files for easy storage and transmission, but the compressed files make it easy to search text using OCR. This makes it very user-friendly, convenient and easily accessible. You can for particular texts on your PDF files without having to go through the entire file. Additionally, search engines will be able to quickly index your files or documents on the internet.

6. Data Retention

The major advantage of using Soda PDF for compressing your documents is the ability to retain all the information from the original file. You will have a compact size file without losing any data or information from the files.

7. Bandwidth and Transfer Speed

The size of the file determines the amount of time it takes to transfer it. It will only take you one-tenth of the time to transfer a compressed file. This reduces the costs of running a network. This is because you need less bandwidth and equipment to transfer compressed files.
Soda PDF helps you create efficiency in the workplace and working with documentation. It will help you compress any type of file you want.

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