Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs LG G7: The Tough Comparison

samsung galaxy S9 vs Lg G7

Samsung Galaxy S9 VS LG G7

Two upcoming flagships phones are competing in the market with their expected specs, features and price as none of them have been launched yet. Both the phones are amazing with New screen dimensions and Next generation technology and are creating the required hype. Samsung Galaxy S9 VS LG G7 is the toughest mobile comparison in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S9 VS LG G7

Samsung Galaxy S9                          LG G7

Display  6” Super AMOLED  5.7” IPS LCD or AMOLED
Display Resolution 4K 4K
Rear Camera  16MP  22 MP
Front Camera  13MP   8 MP
Chipset  Snapdragon 840 or New Exynos chipset  Snapdragon 830
RAM  6 GB  6 GB
Storage  3 GB  32 GB, 64GB
6Battery Capacity  5000 mAh  3700 mAh
Waterproof  Yes  Yes
Fingerprint Scanner  Yes (at Back)  Yes (at Back)
Headphone Jack  Yes  Yes
Type C  Yes  Yes
Retina Scanner  Yes  Yes
Wireless Charging Yes  Yes
Micro SD Card Slot  Yes  Yes
Software  Android 8.0  Android 8.0

1) Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG G7

Qualcomm is functioning on its New processor, Qualcomm flower 840 SoC, and therefore it’s expected to attain the tip of the 2017 or half of 2018; nearly within the same timeframe of those phones. Therefore each of the phones area unit expected to ship with this forthcoming processor.

Samsung may choose to upgrade its New Exynos chipset from Exynos 8895 Octa that they need to be utilized in the Galaxy S8. Therefore there are a unit probabilities that each the phones can have an equivalent brain in Samsung Galaxy S9.

Talking regarding LG G7, the rumors say the phone can have flower 830 Soc, however since the phone is cathartic at the finish of the year, it’s expected that LG will amendment the processor to the new one. Galaxy S9 and LG G7 area unit expected to ship with updated GPU, which can be launched at the side of the new processor.

Talking regarding the RAM, with a replacement chipset, Samsung stayed with 4GB of RAM with S8. The fans were excited regarding the RAM, and it had been very little unsatisfactory for them to not get 6GB, that is a gift in most of the flagships currently. The new Galaxy S9 will be pleasant for those fans as a result of Samsung goes to upgrade the RAM game of their flagship series.

2) Design

Galaxy S9 and LG G7 undoubtedly raised the bar once it involves style. The screen to body quantitative relation is more than previous phones; they are available up with new screen quantitative relation, 18:9 and Samsung, group action the fee screen within the phone. Thereupon recovery within the style department, the expectations area unit more than ever.

LG G7 is arising with a plant show and a far higher screen to body quantitative relation. The phone is sleek, an eye from the rear to simply match into the hand. The case is uni-body, with a non-removable battery. With Whole metal body, sometimes associate metal alloy, for the higher security of the inner hardware.

3) Display

Samsung goes to travel for the 4K show, with the presently quad HD show on their flagship, that’s a step ahead for them. The show can have higher colors and daylight visibility. The 3D bit goes to remain and can be applicable to a lot of apps then it’s currently. Samsung will marginally increase the screen size to six inches, with managing the body size to be same.

LG, on the opposite hand, has stayed with LED display, however, with LG G7, they will attempt AMOLED show as a result of its higher black and color areas. LG’s plant show is definitely planning to be the attention catcher however with expectations being therefore high; LG ought to reinvent the show from the fundamental level, i.e. going for the AMOLED show.

The screen size is but the Samsung’s forthcoming flagship; however, for certain each of them can have move cut competition within the show section.

4) Camera

Samsung hasn’t nonetheless tried the twin camera setup, and this might prevail within the returning flagship.The camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 can have one lens setup, however, it’d be higher in turns of aperture and optical device. Currently, the camera is twelve megapixels, Samsung will upgrade the pixels, or simply choose the twin camera setup. Actually, it’s tough to predict that.

The possibilities are a unit that they’re going to choose the only lens, with sixteen or even twenty-one megapixels. A radical amendment like twin camera setup way far than we predict.

On the opposite hand, LG may be a company that may choose a radical amendment; they need one it with twin displays, twin cameras, and plenty of different things. The LG G7 can feature twelve MP front and twenty-two megapixels rare, as per rumors.

The corporate can choose the twin step, however, it’s going to happen that each can work along, instead of the ‘wide frame camera and traditional camera’ setup.

5) Battery

Wireless charging is there however optimized higher than it is currently. Samsung presently has 3000 mAh battery within the Galaxy S8, and for Galaxy S9, the quantity might go 4500 or even 5000.

However here could be a catch, the new processor is twenty-fifth energy economical which suggests; there’s slight want of the battery up gradation. Currently, that absolutely depends upon the corporate that whether or not they need the onscreen time to be raised.

LG G6 has higher battery presently; currently, the up gradation ought to be 3700 mAh as a result of its technically right for them to remain before the Samsung during this department. The processors are energy economical, thus LG G7 will certainly have the higher on screen time, could also be 5+ hours on serious usage.

6) Conclusion on Samsung Galaxy S9 VS LG G7

Both the businesses try onerous to introduce and are available up with the technology that their customers need. Samsung chooses to remain safe by not playacting some radical changes, however on the opposite hand, LG could be a company that is aware of that amendment is what’s reaching to thrive the corporate.

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