SMS Marketing Journey from Starting to Now

sms marketing

SMS Marketing is a technique that is an affordable and easy method to reach customers through promotions and SMS campaigns.  It is best for both marketers and customers because 99% of all messages are opened and read within 3 minutes or less.

With SMS techniques anyone can get in contact with each other from one place to another. There is no third party access and no need for moderation. No chance of spamming or get blocked in SMS Marketing Campaigns if we compare it with social media platforms.

If we come with the effectiveness of Bulk Sms Service. There are many sectors utilizing Bulk Sms Plans in their marketing campaign for example:

1 Restaurants are utilizing instant message to send discount coupons, special deals, new dish updates, adhering to good diet tips, table reservation updates, and even staff correspondence alarms.

2 Nightclubs and bars are utilizing it to send coupons like eateries yet target more towards their customer base. They additionally run “contest 2 wins” challenges, offer free fee at the door, and occasion updates.

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3 Salons and Spas are utilizing SMS to convey arrangement updates, uncommon offers, and portable coupons.

With this infographic, we have explained the whole journey of SMS Technique and its uses in marketing. In this, we have defined the starting journey of SMS where this is started and how it has grown.

In1992 when the first message was sent that is “Merry Christmas” from a Vodafone employee named Neil Papworth (Engineer). After that it becomes a trend and basic need for the communication, now 6.1 trillion Messages are sent worldwide over the whole year.

Here is an SMS Marketing Infographic

sms marketing journey infographic

SMS Marketing Journey from starting to now- Alcodes

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