5 Software Development Trends To Look Out For In 2019

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Market trend of technology is changeable. It always intends to update and upgrade themselves. Market trends in technology fade very quickly. Old things are always replaced after each and updates are available. Nowadays the advancement in the market of software development works faster than the speed of light.

Here we will talk about some common trends which have been acquired on the time of developing software. Those are blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning, progressive web apps, low code and security.

1) Blockchain

As a result of the bitcoin revolution, blockchain gained the maximum popularity. Industries are very much eager to adopt blockchain development. The blockchain is a type of technology which describes peer to peer network within interconnected devices. It allows them to store data rather than fully depending on the central computer.

This technology provides the authentication and capability to transact large scale of transactions. It also helps in authenticating the transactions quickly and without using expensive intermediates. Several companies have adopted this development procedure for the streamlined process.

2) Artificial intelligence/machine-learning:

Artificial intelligence/machine-learning is also very famous nowadays for acquiring a large part of the software development market. Companies are willing to adopt Artificial intelligence/machine-learning for automating their process in a fast way. Artificial intelligence/machine-learning can handle tough tasks with ease.

It can complete specific tasks which can lead to a higher level of service assurance to the consumers. We can find out many examples of Artificial intelligence/machine-learning in our daily life. Like voice responsive home assistants, facebook and insight as a service. Google also has a plan to adopt this type of algorithm which already exists in AI.

3) Progressive web apps:

Progressive web apps is a type of websites or web pages but it acts like conventional apps or mobile applications. With its advanced mobile technology, it features the best and latest browser technology within the market. These apps are advanced and well updated so in the near future it will continue gaining considerable steam.

Google already started designing browser features that act and behaves like a mobile application. So it can also provide an equal level of user experience. One more point which increases its popularity is it is easy to develop and maintain without going through a complex procedure. In my search, only very few agencies like Arkbauer make such apps.

4) Low Code Development

The conventional waterfall app development procedure has been overtaken by Low Code Development. Low Code Development provides labour intensive endeavour. Tedious repetitive development tasks can be completed in an automated way by using this feature. So it automatically fulfils the needs of technical analysts and developers.

So it is a cost-effective way by using which you can get automated results towards repetitive tasks of development. The top uses for low code include business-process managing applications, database managing applications, omnichannel platforms, microservices-based applications and the re-creation of recreating legacy applications into modern software development trends.

5) More Security

Security is the main thing which has been checked by both user and developer. Because without security the acceptance of software is valueless. Because the rate of online scam and hacking is increasing daily.

As no company will like to come in and report that they have been cheated by cyber attacks. In newspaper headlines, we can witness that several big companies are attacked by cybercriminals. And apart from the big companies, the small medium enterprises also show enthusiastic interest and acknowledges the requirements of software security.

Recently Ponemon Institute has arranged a survey where it is found that 55% of small-medium industries are been attacked by cyber attackers. So if your business uses the internet or someone wants to digitalise their business then they must take extra care about the software security so that it can be able to keep their data safe and prevent from stealing or being misused.


Those are the common business trends which appear in the market for software development in 2018. But those points are also need updating and personalization in several aspects. Some personalized appearances also can be added to those trends. But those procedures are very much useful and also intends to be at the top of the market of 2019.

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