Starting a video game career

start career in video game

The video game industry is expanding exponentially, and with it comes a lot of opportunities that one can make a career out of. Writer For My Paper give us several options that one might consider in the gaming industry.

Some of these options include designers, developers, gaming assurance tester, producers, audio engineers, animators, and gaming artists. Starting a video gaming career is quite a commitment that could prove lucrative in the long run. You stand a chance of making millions of dollars annually.

There is a very high demand for skilled video game developers, and the demand is growing by the day. Game development is an interlinked web where different disciplines collaborate to achieve the desired result.


It is generally challenging to get into any industry. A career in game design or game development is a sure bet to getting substantial experience and compensation. However, you have to work hard to establish yourself in the industry. The best way is to specialize in it and gain hands-on experience for you to be competent enough.

Video game designer

In this work line, you will be in charge of developing concepts and ideas for prospective games. You will be responsible for creating the mechanics, vision, structure, layout, and game story. You will also have to come up with a visual presentation and present it to your team. If you want to be a game designer successfully, you need competently learn drawing, C++, and 3D modeling.

Before choosing any college, you need to do a background check whether they offer what you need and if their teaching standards and resources meet your vision’s requirement. On the other hand, you need to have fully qualified for the course. Ensure that your portfolio has the complete features to propel you ahead.

The minimum requirement for the college of your choice is to have units on logic, mathematics, practical programming, game design, and basic computer science. These units are only meant to give you the knowledge to the primary programming languages and roadmap to game design.

You also must have a degree in software engineering. If you cannot get a degree, you might opt for a certification on the same.

Video game developer

A developer is responsible for actualizing the concepts from a game designer. The do the actual coding, animations, and anything else that pertains to making the game ideas come to life. To be a game developer, you must be skilled in SQL, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, C++, and Java. You also must have excellent communication skills, work under pressure, and a background in playing games.

The best to exhibit your competence to potential employers is to have a small game of your own or work collaboratively with a team. The ultimate test of one’s skill can have their own game. You also need to have relevant experience in the field. So you should consider interning with some of the gaming companies and get experience in the practical and commercial aspects of game development.

Game development is a lucrative field, with most of the developers earning six figures worth of salary. A good wage comes with some great experience. So it is advisable to build your experience first, and the money will come on its own.


Video games are gaining popularity by the day with numerous applications in different fields. You should consider a career in the video game industry if you are a lover of them.

You could fit yourself many sections, but video game design and development are a sure bet. Take a degree course at your local university and kick-start your career. If you cannot afford a university, you might consider doing an online course, which is much cheaper. After all, experience and skills are the most sought after items.


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