Top 4 Getapk Alternative Apps You Should Download!

getapk alternative

There are many online app portals apart from Google Play store to download apk files of any Android app. Though there are many options you need to figure out which are legit and on which has the collection of different categories of apps. Most legit platform to download any app is Google Play Store without any doubt.  You can directly download an app on your phone from there. Sometimes some apps are not present there. Apps those are related to hacking games and app as Game Killer, Lucky Patcher, Rooting app are not present in Play Store. This is the main reason why today people are looking for its alternatives. Getapk Market stands on the top of all alternatives of Play Store and so millions of users opt to download Getapk. It has a vast collection of App of different genres. The interface is also quite impressive and smooth.

But sometimes we search for an alternative to Get Apk market too, so just like Play store has its alternatives similarly Getapk Market also has its alternatives. There are lots of Getapk alternative from you can download app apk for free. Here I have come forward with the name of best Getapk alternatives.

Top 4 Best GetApk Alternative

1) Blackmart Alpha

It is a platform for free apps for your smartphone. It stands first as a Getapk alternative for its features and collection. The interface is quite smooth and you will get here all apps of different categories.  Some countries might be blocked Getapk or Google Play Store for those users Blackmart Alpha is an ideal option. So install it and download millions of apps for free.

2) F-Droid

It is specially designed for Android phones and here presents all common and uncommon apps. It also deals with open source apps and those who are programmers and app developers can check the code behind app and can increase their programming skills. The interface of this app store is impressive with proper layout. It has a large collection of apps with all old and recent released. Some apps which are not present o Play Store are available on it.

3) Amazon App Store

It is the best source of both paid and free app for both Android device and Kindle from Amazon. In this platform, you can have apps of different categories. Here you will get all apps that are present on Google Play Store including apps which are developed by Amazon. Not only downloading, developers can even promote their app on this platform. Amazon App store works as a channel to sell your app and they provide 70% of the total cost to its sellers.

4) AppBrain 

It is one of the leading app stores for its smooth interface and collection of apps. The main feature of this platform is that it allows all its users to share app directly from its interface. Apart from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, App Brain is on the top position. From this platform, you can download both apk and app of any application and game.You can even use this app from your desktop. It also helps all developers to share their apps. It is a good place to monetize your app and even they will help you in this regard.

Here I have listed all popular platforms that are used by millions of people to download an app.  All those listed app stores are amazing comes with a smooth interface and with large database comprises apps of different genres. You can download both paid and free app from these stores. Apart from Google Play Store, my best alternative is Getapk Market but if you are looking for some others than FDroid and Amazon App Store is a great choice. If you have any other choice then drop it on below comment box.

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