Live TV Streaming Android APP: Download Latest Version of TV Portal APP

TV Portal APK Download

TV Portal App is a live TV streaming Android App which also allows you to use Chromecast. If you love to watch full HD movies and TV shows then you must have this application on your device. This app is specially designed for that movie lover who would also want to watch the movie on a bigger screen like TV.

When you have a smart TV and this app, then you can now all enjoy the free TV channels and also watch movies for absolutely free on your TV. Just like other free movie streaming online sites like Netflix, Crackle or Popcorn Time, this app will give access to huge movies and videos collection.

But unlike the other apps, you won’t need to purchase expensive premium plan for every month. Interestingly, the premium version of this application is only $2. This application is not available on the google play store, so you have to get the TV portal APP APK download for your Android device.

TV portal is a free app but when you want to get limitless options for movies or TV show you have to switch to the premium version. Switching to premium version will give you unlimited movies or TV shows and also the app is ads free.

Whereas the Free version of this app also allows you to watch movies and TV show. So you don’t have to worry to get into the premium app, first use the free app to the fullest and enjoy HD movies or TV show on your Android smartphones. You can also check for og youtube application through this app you can easily download any youtube videos in seconds.

How to Download TV Portal APK Download

This is not available in the Google Play Store, so if you are an Android smartphone user you won’t be able to download from Play Store. But the only source for download is APK files, while APK is the simplest process for downloading any Apps for Free.

But, if you are downloading the APK file you first have to make some changes on your device setting. All the Android device is provided with strict security that any files from the unknown source could not be installed. So follow the steps below to enable all the unknown source.

Go to Device Setting > Security > Device Administration > enable Unknown Source

Steps to download TV portal APK

After you have successfully, enabled the unknown source now you can easily download and install the APK file. Follow the below steps for downloading the APK file.

  • To download TV portal APK- Click here
  • Now this will automatically download the tv portal app APK file on your Android phone.
  • Next, open the download folder on your phone and click on the APK file.
  • This will automatically open the file and allow you to install. Just click Install to proceed.
  • Finally, you are all set to watch free movies or TV shows using the TV Portal.

Download TV Portal APP

Note: If you have already enabled the unknown source on your Android device, then you may skip the previous steps. Having the app installed on your phone, you can also use Chromecast.

TV Portal APK Download: Chromecast

How to use Chromecast with this app to watch movies

Well, now the most interesting part of this app is that they will allow you to watch any local videos or live streaming movies/TV shows on TV using the Chromecast. TV portal can play almost everything on the Android phone like- movies, TV shows, Videos & much more and also they allow you to watch them on your TV playing with this App.

So with the help of this application, you can enjoy the movies by synchronizing with your TV. If you have already downloaded the app on your Android phone, now you should also know how you could easily watch the movies from your Phone to the TV. To use this application to watch movies on TV, follow the below-shown instruction.

Steps are-

  • First of all, you will have to download & install the app on your phone.
  • Next, you will need another App i.e. the Local Cast for the Chromecast Click here to download.
  • This will redirect to the Google Play store to download & install the app.
  • Now open the app and select a video or pick a source on the app.
  • Next, open the Local Cast for the Chromecast app and click on the Play Video with Other:
  • Finally, select the Local cast and start to watch watching the video/movies on your TV.

Note: You have to both use the apps to play the videos on your TV via Chromecast. But there can be some error while using it, read below for solution.

Troubleshoot error and Issues

Using the TV Portal and Local Cast for Chromecast App both will cause you few errors. The app will have little problems to sync. So in case you face any problem using the Apps, don’t worry you only have to make few modifications to make the apps run properly again and enjoy videos again.

Steps to Troubleshoot issue are-

  • When problems occur, first go to the Device Setting
  • Now click on the App manager
  • Locate & Select the TV Portal.
  • Next, click on Force Stop and Clear Data.
  • Finally, this will let you refresh the app and will restart the app to run properly.

Note: There is a limitation with this app which allows you to watch only 2 episodes free for 6 Hours. You will be notified to switch to switch to the premium in order to get limitless features. See Pros & cons to know more.

Cons of the TV Portal App

  • You are allowed to watch only 2 episodes within 6 six hours.
  • There is a limit to watch on TV portal unless you switch to premium.
  • Miscellaneous Ads present in the free app.
  • App not found in Google Play Store.

Pros of the TV Portal App

  • Get access to all the latest movies and TV shows
  • Easy to use and watch free movies.
  • Connect with your TV, Chromecast supported.
  • Also provided with premium app @ just $2. So you can go with the premium account removing all the annoying ads from the application.

Conclusion on TV Portal APP

That’s all, here is the complete instruction for the TV Portal app APK and also measure to tackle error or issue using the app. This is the fun app for watching movies. This app is free to download but to enjoy limitless movies and TV shows you will have to switch to premium. But even using the free app is worth as they will allow accessing into a huge collection of movies. If you love watching movie and TV show then you should have this awesome app on your smartphone and also use the app to watch movies on your TV.

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