3 Ways For New Websites To Incentivize Spending

Incentivize Spending

If you’ve ever started a website with the intent of monetizing it, you know there are about a million different things to try. Ad placement is generally the best way to start generating income, but usually, it’s very slight until you build up a significant and regular base of visitors.

Beyond this, generating any kind of income depends largely on what kind of site you’re running. There are some general strategies that can apply to a lot of different kinds of sites though, and ultimately incentivize visitors to do at least a little bit of spending.

1 – Get People To Stick Around

Getting people to stay on a website is one of the main challenges faced by anyone who runs one. Indeed, you can find whole lists of hacks and tricks for how to get the job done. And while this doesn’t necessarily impact spending in a direct way, the simple fact is that the longer people stay on your site, the more good your site is doing.

It may mean they’re considering making purchases or subscribing, that they’re getting attached to content or material they might spend on in the future, or even that they’re getting more likely to share your site with other people.

Time translates to money in numerous ways, so even if you don’t see the direct benefit you’ll want to put a lot of effort into making sure people have a reason to navigate your site and stay on it as long as possible.

2 – Built Payments Into A Subscription

If your site involves any kind of membership or subscription, then you already have a means of charging your most loyal and frequent visitors – which is something you should take advantage of. This site actually introduces a model that would work for any site with a subscription.

Dealing specifically with casino gaming and real money deposits, the site discusses the option of players depositing cash via their phone bills – such that a payment is effectively tacked on to an existing, regular payment.

You can offer a similar service through your site, such that on-site purchases of any kind are simply added to regular subscription fees. Simply put, it makes it easier for people to spend and often makes them think less about what they’re spending.

3 – Ask For Donations

This isn’t an idea that appeals to very many site owners, at least at first. There’s a sense of going it alone and setting out to earn accomplishments when you build and launch a site, and asking for donations can feel almost lazy, or even like you’re cheating. As strange as it seems, however, this is a method that’s been proven to work.

The most high-profile example is Wikipedia, which is estimated to make tens of millions of dollars through its regular asks for donations. Naturally, that’s a huge example of an extremely popular site, but it does show in a basic way that people will chip in to keep a good project going. If your site serves a purpose and does it well, a polite notice asking visitors to donate may actually help you keep it running.

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