7 Ways to Prevent Social Media Addiction

Prevent Social Media Addiction

Social media is everywhere, and you just cannot escape it in this age of digital communication and socialization. If you tell people that you do not use social media, then they start to wonder what is wrong with you.

Social media and social networking platforms have become such an integral part of people’s lives today that when it is missing from their lives even for a few days, then they either begin to feel the withdrawal symptoms or friends and family try to get in touch with than wondering what could be wrong.

Initially, people used social media for the purpose it originally was developed for-to keep in touch with friends, family, and other associates and to make more friends and enlarge one’s social circle. Sadly, social media has its fair share of evils and overexposure can lead to serious addiction issues.

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Social media is overused by most users and people are plastering everything and anything about themselves and their lives all over social media networking platforms.

Social media addiction has been confirmed as a serious addiction by Health Organisations the world over and several hundreds of people suffer from this addiction and are seeking help and reform. Another great way to save time on social media is to use a social media aggregator app like Sprouter.

Depending on when and where you were born your first exposure to social media could have been a Myspace page or signing into Facebook through your educational institution.

There were also the very new then MSN and AOL messengers which were just used to have friends and fun-filled chats with friends just to stay in touch be updated with the happenings in each other’s lives or about school events.

There were hardly any smartphones and no apps that could take up so much time and iPods were just used for the simple purpose they were made for; to listen to music on the go. The maximum you could do with your phone was to play simple multimedia games like Snake.

What could have been a giant leap for technology was sadly a bellow on human relationships as social media slowly crept from our computer screens into our mobile phones and other handheld devices?

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At the touch of a button, we could upload pictures from our phones onto our social networking networks and at the same time reply instantly to comments made by friends and contacts.

Our phone is always at an arm’s length away and this can cause us to become a little too impressed with social media and how easily it keeps us connected to the people who matter.

This can lead to serious addiction and this can have a huge negative effect on our relationship with family members and me-time.

Here are a few things you can do to fight your social media addiction:

social media addiction

#1 Limit your usage

You should set a timer for yourself when you start out using social media websites. You could give yourself an hour a day so that will make a total of 7 hours a week, which is not too bad.

When you start using fb or Instagram or any other social media app on your phone then start the timer on your phone or set it on your watch and when the buzzer goes off, be strong and put down your phone.

#2 Set off your notifications

one of the easiest ways to withdraw from overly using social media on your phone is to keep your notifications from these apps off. When the notifications are on, then you are constantly bombarded with messages containing details of who uploaded what or who commented what and this kind of constant ticking can tempt you to keep checking the app for more news and messages from contacts.

#3 Find a new hobby

You are going to have quite a bit of spare time trying to cut down on social media usage and you might as well use it wisely. Indulge in a hobby or something you once loved to do.

Try to learn a new skill or pick up some skill learning where you left off. You will find that you do have a lot of time on your hands now that you have stopped aimlessly scrolling down your newsfeed or checking for likes and comments.

#4 Spend quality time with friends and family

One of the most serious negative impacts of over usage or dependency on social media is that you tend to ignore family members, mainly your spouse and children.

The mobile phone is supposed to bring us closer to the people you care about but ironically it is the thing that drives you away from the people next to you.

Now that you are willingly cutting down social media time, you should spend more quality time with family members or catch up with dear friends who you might not have met in a long time.

#5 Make it a reward

You may have occasionally given yourself a reward or treat when you have achieved something productive or some goal in the past and this could be anything from a spa session to doing your nails or to indulging in your favorite ice cream.

Make using social media a treat as well and allow yourself some limited screen time if you have done something you are proud of or have achieved something great the in the past week or so.

#6 Try to meet people in real life

You used to meet people the real way in the past by walking into a pub or attending a party or by organizing a get-together. You could still meet people and make new friends the same way if you want to and if you believe you still can.

Try to go for parties, to nightclubs, to events you have been invited for and consciously try to meet you people and you will not need e-socialising anymore.

#7 Try going cold turkey

If your social media addiction has really become a serious issue then it is time for drastic steps. You should try and go cold turkey by using social media apps and stop using them completely for a certain period.

You should let your close friends, associates and family members know how to get in touch with you when needed and then delete your apps or delete your accounts from social media networks.

Final words on social media addiction

Once you willingly try to cut down your social media addiction then you will realize how much more time you have on your hands and how many more things you can get done.

Using social media to aimlessly go through your newsfeeds and stories is something that is very time consuming and the sad part is that you do not realize how much time you have wasted this way. So, go out there and detach yourself from the social media web.

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