What is 3D Planning & its Benefits

What is 3D Planning

What is 3D Planning

The oil and gas industry has been around for over two centuries and produces millions of barrels of crude oil every day. This is a multi trillion-dollar industry that is investing money in technology and modern innovation to compete with other sources of energy like renewable energy.

The oil and gas industry is still the dominant player in the energy market, but this phenomenon is changing as renewable energy becomes more popular. One of the technologies that the oil and gas industry is using is 3D Modeling.

The oil and gas industry relies on large production sites and factory infrastructure. Oil rigs, refinery plants, and drilling sites are all massive infrastructural facilities that are part of the supply chain in the oil and gas industry.

3D Modeling in the Oil and Gas Industry

3D modeling is used to create 3D models of infrastructure, machinery and plants, the supply chain and other aspects of the industry. 3D modeling is increasingly becoming popular for new projects and changes have to be made to existing infrastructure and also existing process in the industry.

Nowadays, the oil and gas industry uses 3D modeling to create complex 3D visualization models that help in planning every aspect of a project to last minute details.

The oil and gas industry is a profitable industry that has a few top players that control the global market. These companies invest a lot in research and development to create more efficiency and greater output. The following are some of the benefits of 3D modeling in oil and gas industry.

Benefits of 3D Modeling in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • 3D modeling is used in the oil and gas industry for greater accuracy in planning projects, machines and infrastructure. 3D laser scanner surveying helps create accurate models of the facility and changes can be made to the facility accurately or faults can be accurately detected to improve the facility.
  • Designing and planning a manufacturing process is key to the project being successful. By using 3D modeling technology to create an accurate 3D model where engineers can modify and create the best plan for the project.
  • Manufacturing components is a difficult process in this industry. By creating a model of the component using 3D modeling it is easier to make an accurate machine component for the process of manufacturing or remanufacturing parts and components that are difficult to weld.
  • Safety and training of employees is a key aspect of the oil and gas industry. 3D modeling and animation are used with virtual reality to simulate dangerous scenarios so that the employees are better prepared to handle the dangers of the industry. 3D modeling is also a training tool which helps new employees see 3D models of the field sites and get better prepared to work in the industry.
  • A major aspect of the oil and gas industry is exploration. Researchers at oil and gas companies use 3D modeling and mapping to create a 3D model by using technical data and available geological information to create a 3D model of the oil and gas reserves under the surface of the earth. This helps companies plan the drilling sites better and get more productivity from the process.
  • 3D models are made using laser technology and automation. The overall planning of a project is done using this technique. This means that by using data to the digital process, technology helps increase the speed of planning and design and so less time is wasted on this process.
  • Marketing, sales, maintenance of investor confidence and marketing communication are all aspects of the oil and gas industry. By creating 3D models of projects to show investors, it is easier to build investor confidence. Marketing and sales improve by using 3D models in presentations to customers.


3D planning is using 3D modeling in each and every component of the oil and gas industry to make it more accurate, efficient and improve productivity.

3D printing and 3D animation help from the exploration process to the sales of petroleum products to potential customers. As this industry has major global players who make billions of dollars in profit every year, investing in such new technology to help with making the entire supply chain and the process of the industry more efficient is an obvious choice.

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