Best Android Mobile Phone Monitoring App: What is Android Spy App in detail?

android spy app

Android Spy App

Are you looking for an Android Spy App or Android mobile phone monitoring app to watch out the activities of someone without giving them any clue?

What is Android Spy App?

Android Spy App is a mobile phone monitoring app to watch out the activities of someone without giving them any clue.

A monitoring application can be advantageous for spouses to catch their cheating partners red-handed; for parents to protect their teenagers and underage children from the viciousness of the adult world, and for employers to boost the productivity of the workforce and evade data leaks.

There are hundreds of Android spy apps accessible on the Google Play Store and third party sources making it hard for the beginners to pick out the best from the bulk. We have analyzed a few of the most advanced and reliable

Android tracking applications and rounded up their core features to help you out getting the most secure and feature-rich software. Make sure the Android spy app you choose presents you with the following functionalities so you can enjoy spying.

How Android Mobile Phone Monitoring App Works?

Once you install the monitoring app on the Android mobile phone you want to monitor, the app automatically uploads the information stored on that device to an online account. From call logs to messages and internet browsing history, almost entire data stored on the device either visible or hidden is taken over.

You can monitor this gen anytime by logging into your confidential online account. You cannot just use this account to monitor the activities performed on the device but can also use it to control the target device from distance.

What does Android Mobile Phone Monitoring App do?

Given are the main features of the top Android tracking applications. Compare these with yours so you can better assess your Android spy app.

1) Spy on Messages and Calls

The Android monitoring app allows you to read incoming and outgoing text messages and complete thread conversations. Similar to messages, the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device can be listened, recorded and downloaded. The name and phone number of the person who called or who was called with the call date, time and duration can also be tracked.

2) Track GPS Location

The Android tracking software allows the user to find out the current location of the target and the locations they have traveled to in a week or longer. You can mark areas to get notified if the target crosses the boundaries.

3) Monitoring of Social Media Apps

Social networking sites are where teens spend more than nine hours a day. That’s why the top notch tracking applications allow monitoring the use of popular social media apps, dating apps, and instant messaging apps. The user can read individual and group chats; track the media files shared online, and keep eyes on the friend list of the target.

4) Track Internet Browsing History

The Android spy app allows you to evaluate the internet use of your kids and employers grabbing the internet browsing history. The information including time, date and frequency of visiting each website is provided to the user.

5) Track Emails

The majority of data breach incidents are triggered by the employees intentionally or unintentionally. Any of your displeased employees might be sending the important information of the company to competitors via emails.

That is why the tracking software empowers employers to keep eyes on the inbound and outbound emails to evade data leaks. You can monitor the content of the email and the email address of the sender and receiver of that email with the timestamp.

Some tracking apps allow keystroke logging which means you can get the keystrokes of username, passwords, and email addresses once entered on the target Android device. You can use these keystrokes to log into the email account used by your target.

6) Discover Deleted or Hidden Photos

The spy app allows you to discover the photos, videos, music files and all the multimedia files stored on the target Android device even the hidden or deleted ones. It would let you know if your teen is taking interest in a porn star, or your husband is hiding the photos of his new office crush.

7) Controlling Android Phone Remotely

You can control the camera and microphone of the target Android phone to capture photos, record videos and secretly listening to the target. The monitoring app allows you to operate the other apps installed on the phone and uninstall the unwanted apps. You can block texting, calls and websites and internet connection. Also, you can view and manage the phonebook on the target device to remove or add a phone number you want.

The Bottom Line or Final words on Android Spy apps

Of all the tracking software in the market, we have found TheOneSpy the most effective and reliable app allowing monitoring mobile phones and tablets running Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating system. In addition to the above feature, there are hundreds of other cutting-edge features that facilitate kids monitoring, spouse monitoring, and employee monitoring at the same time.

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