Reasons Why Many Ex-Smokers Quit Vaping

Ex-Smokers Quit Vaping

Most smokers who are transiting to vaping are found in a dilemma of not really knowing whether to move on with vaping or to go back to the habit they are used to. This especially happens when they have tried various e-cigs and can’t find their favourite. Even the guys who have quitted smoking had such a struggle at the beginning.

In vaping, consistency and patience are some of the values that every cigarette smoker should adapt so as to see the result. To keep yourself going despite the temptation of going back to smoking, ask yourself the reasons why you want to go vaping and quit smoking.

If it is because you are almost becoming cancerous and soon you will lose your legs; that’s enough motivation to keep you going despite what. But why do some people give up on vaping yet others continue until they quit smoking habit? Let’s see why.

Reasons Why Many Quit Vaping and Go Back to Smoking

1. Frustration

Some ex-smokers have high expectations that immediately they vape, their cigarette craves will die. That’s not true. It takes time for someone to break free from any slavery. And with smoking, you have accumulated a lot of nicotine in your body; you have curved a certain lifestyle that every moment the body asks for it you give it.

2. Lack of a drive

If you have tangible reasons why you have to quit smoking, then you will have a drive and a vision that you need to achieve after a certain number of years. This will keep you motivated to achieve your goal.

3. Lack of patience

Vaping will need you to be patient as your body adjusts to the new condition you are putting yourself into. A vape guide for beginners by Vaping360 can be of great help to you to keep on moving. You have to endure dry mouths, throats, and noses until you are done.

4. Craving for cigarette

This a common occurrence where someone feels they need some cigarette puffs despite taking e-cigs. This is a sign that the nicotine content in that vape is low; just increase it and the craving will die.

However, avoid taking too much, although the body may need it, else you might have some side effects like nausea and headaches. When you start experiencing such, just stop vaping until the next day when the effects are. A vape guide for beginners by vaping360 can enable you to overcome such craves.

5. Lack of the right flavour

In the beginning, you will probably lack the right flavour that suits your taste and preferences. If you keep trying new flavours without consulting a vape friendly counsellor, you might end up casting the cares to the air and go back to smoking. However, there is a flavour just meant for you; just keep trying without giving up.


Most ex-smokers usually struggle with euphoric recalls which triggers them to look back. This is where looking for help and reading resourceful materials like vape guide for beginners by vaping360 can be very helpful. Also keeping their mind busy is a great exercise to avoid such recalls and thoughts.

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